Extra Long Fairy Lights

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8.5 to 49.5 ft Fairy Wire, 50 to 300 Warm White LEDs, Power Option: 110V Plug In Only copper wire string light, fairy lights, plug in lights, dew drop lights, long fairy lights, silver lights, copper lights
Price: $11.00 or Less.
110V Plug in
Warm White Fairy Lights

Various lengths of Copper or Silver colored wire. Size options from 8.5 feet - 49.5 feet.

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    100 Feet Wrapping a 2-Ft Diameter Tree
    Price: $49.00 or Less.

    Our Longest Fairy Wire Strands
    Plug in Only
    300 LEDs (100 ft)
    600 LEDs (200 ft)
    900 LEDs (300 ft)
    All LEDs Warm White color. The lights are 110V plug-in lights for the USA and Canadian markets only.

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