LED Products for Night Golf and Frisbee Golf

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Price: $1.90 or Less.
Miniature 6" diameter LED Flying Frisbee. Great fun. Easy to see from long distances. Low price.

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Item #: FLYER -

    18 Colorful LED Copper Wire String Light
    Price: $4.00 or Less.
    Add some color to your fairy light designs. This product has 18 Colorful Fairy Lights on Copper Wire. Available with red, green, blue, or pink lights.

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    Item #: FW18 -

      10 White LEDs on Bendable Copper Wire
      Price: $1.90 or Less.
      We merged our Flight battery pack technology with our Copper Wire technology to create a useful 36" string light that is very lightweight. Good for 48 hours in steady-on mode or 60 hours in flashing mode.

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      Item #: FLIGHTWIRE -

        Flat LED Lights for Night Golf
        Price: $1.94 or Less.
        Our FLIGHT LED lights are perfect for night disc golf! The are small and lightweight and easy to attach to your favorite disc. Available in red, green, blue, white, 7-color, or mood lighting.

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        Item #: FLIGHT -

          Notes about our flashing led night disc golf accessories 
          • Flat Accent LEDs use bright battery-operated lights 
          • Batteries included for all products in this category
          • Flat Lights can be seen for over 0.5 miles.
          • Batteries on our glow golf lights are not replaceable. Most disc golf lights last 12+ hours.
          • All Flat Accent Lights are sold in pairs.